We will complete almost any project from a diversity of genres, ranging from soap operas to newscasts, in addition to competitions and reality shows at the highest level.

We are Real TV

Why Real TV?

  • We work with prominent television and feature filmmakers
  • We give new stars a chance
  • We use modern production and broadcasting technologies
  • We are professionals in the TV industry
  • We approach each project with maximum care and professionality regardless of your budget size

Our services

  • Creating projects in almost every genre
  • Full or partial realization of programmes with almost any TV or film technology
  • Procurement of premises, whole team, and post-production
  • Securing of the subsequent presentation and promotion of the project

Mikuleckého 1311/8, Praha 4, 147 00


Mgr. Jaromír Soukup

Mgr. Jaromír Soukup

Managing Director

Real TV Management

Mgr. Jaromír Soukup

Mgr. Jaromír Soukup


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